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Termite Pest Control












Regular home inspections from a termite specialist can help identify signs of termite activity and structural damage. Based on inspection findings, a termite expert will customize a treatment plan to specifically target areas of your home that are most susceptible to activity. Preventative treatments help reduce the risk of damage.

Protect your home from termite damage!  Termites are often known as hidden threats because they can damage homes from the inside, sometimes with few external signs of damage. If left untreated, a termite colony can cause damage that is very costly to repair.

What are Termite Pre-Treatments?

"Pre-treatment" is a term for termiticide that is applied to the soil. It refers to the use of toxins applied to the soil as a means of blocking concealed access to a structure by subterranean termites.  Physical barriers and proper construction are the other methods of preventing termite infestation.  A termite pre-treat is intended to create a barrier of termiticide between termites found in the soil and wooden structures of the building. To provide a consistent barrier, we use the recommended volume, concentration and locate the problem areas for the application of the termiticide.

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