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Do you have pests in your home or just want to prevent them from coming into your home?  Loftin Exterminating is here to help.  We are experienced and highly trained to provide the best solution for your problem.  We will inspect, treat, and prevent pests in your home for the most affordable price possible!

Residential Pest Control

Some common types of pest that you can find in your home-
Bed bugs are on the rise!  If you notice tiny blood spots on your bed sheets, and have mysterious, itchy bites on your skin, you may have bed bugs.  Our thorough treatment of these pests will get rid of them guaranteed.


We use a technique called Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to keep your home free of pests.

Click here for more information.  Depending on the severity of your needs, options for frequency of service are Monthly, Every other month, Quarterly, or One-Time.

Get A Free Inspection!

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